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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 22 September 2017 - Match in heaven! SMRT just normal!!

1. "Fat Kim said Trump is deranged n Trump said Fat Kim is crazy!"

It must be scripted n some supreme being is orchestrating to hv these 2 gentlemen to be leader of their rrespective countries at this point in time. A perfectly matched couple indeed!

If only the stake is not so high when the 2 of them act out their childhood fantasy of killing each other with knife instead of hydrogen bombs or nuclear weapons!!

2. "Rail challenges in Singapore mirror that of overseas metros: SMRT advisory panel

SINGAPORE: Recent rail challenges experienced by SMRT in its signalling project mirror the experience of overseas metros like Hong Kong and London, according to a nine-member technical advisory panel set up by the Singapore operator.

The panel - made up of local and international rail experts - spoke to the media on Friday (Sep 22) after its sixth meeting in Singapore. It was asked about teething issues faced in recent months, as trials of a new signaling system on the North-South Line take place."

It is indeed a GREAT RELIEF to learn that the many international experts in rails fr Hkg n UK, etc. r saying the teething problems experienced by SMRT with the signalling system is QUITE NORMAL. N that the SMRT is doing quite ok!! So, Sgp commuters, please bugger off n let the SMRT management n leaders off! It is in fact unfair to be expecting anything more! LOL!!

Surely the commuters will b reasonable fr now on n be nice to SMRT! I think? No? Yes?

Anyway, one of them DID SAY: "having more than 3.5hrs in between revenue services" would be better for maintenance n that current practiceis adequate n not a benchmark standard.

Given that these 9-expert were formed in 2013, I wonder why weren't their opinions sought in the interim period up to present on those "major breakdowns encountered"?

A lot of explaining is continued to be needed. Hopefully reasonable commuters can relate to n accept the stated reasons!!

Though it will be hard pressed to explain why the Group CEO n some of his direct report deserved total pay package of fixed plus variable of more than Sgd1m!!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 21 September 2017 - 2nd chance for PM Lee

"Singapore-China ties are ‘more than stable’: PM Lee Hsien Loong

XIAMEN, China: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Thursday (Sep 21) that bilateral ties between Singapore and China, which faced hiccups last year, are in a good state.

“I think bilateral relations are more than stable, they are in a good state. We had some issues to deal with last year, but this year there have been many exchanges,” Mr Lee told reporters during an interview in Xiamen."

I m glad that PM Lee acknowledged there were hiccups between China n Sgp last year. I can understand WHY he doesn't want to share the reasons for those huccups as they were largely his doing as I see them. 

Starting with the TPP without China, speeches in Whitehouse during his "I m my father's equal as the 2nd PM is Sgp to get a state banquet" moment on what China should do in the SCS, similar language in Tokyo of all places abt how China should behave, n finally in Lima's APEC saying no country can stay the "middle kingdom" as the world has changed n changed rapidly!

The look of innocence n puzzlement on the Foreign Minister n Defense Minister n the "we had been doing this for years n hv no issue" so why r our tanks being detained in Hkg SAR? N the criesof "Sgp sovereign rights had been violated" did not help.

Anyway, these r all water under the bridge. With Sgp chairing Asean in 2018, not that collectively it can do much as shown in the inability to put up a unified Asean declaration on SCS in the past, maybe the Chinese is giving Sgp another chance to make good on a mutually beneficial relationship. 

I begged to differ from PM Lee's "more than stable" assessment n cautioned thoughtfulness n be careful handling the relationship.

China leadership has a lot to deal with in the October big meeting. Besides consolidating President Xi's grip on power for "more than 1 more term", the unruly "ally" in nuclear-weapin-ready (?) North Korea is making China very nervous. Any war on th Korean Peninsula means thousands of refugees crossing into North East China n also possible nuclear dusts blowing Beijing way!!

When there is war, BRI will take a back seat. So China doesn't want war though the USA would as the battlefields will once again be far far away from USA soil!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 20 September 2017 - Mexico earthquake n North Korea film

1. Condolences to the families n friends ofvthe dead in the Mexico City earthquake. Speedy recovery to the injured n may more trapped r found n saved.

2. Watched a film at the National Library by a German-Korean film maker abt "My brothers and sisters in the North" tonight. Interesting insights though nothing in North Korea filmed by a foreigner can be 70% free, much less 100%. So has to take the behaviours filmed with a bit of salt.

Yet I could not help but to notice:

a. the people r being reminded ALL THE TIME how their great leaders r their saviour!;

b. that the older people do want reunification to reconnect with lost families while the younger ones look at it as an economic n commerce opportunities;

c. how some of their work practices r actually good ones like "stretch exercises" for sewing workers, "everyone must work n get basic rewards" while exceptional performance only mean slight or small difference in "bonuses";

d. that young children r always adorable n impressionable n learn quickly. It also means some of them will grow up with only a single dimension view of the way "crafted by the state"!! N hence can be very very "wrong"!!

e. learned that there is a NGO that brings modern commercial knowledge n practices to North Korea based in Sgp. Marvel at the passion of the volunteers n how they negotiate the complex North Korea system!!