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Monday, August 21, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 21 August 2017 - Trust the "best" machines?

"USS John S McCain collision: Singapore will spare no effort to find missing crew members, says MPA
SINGAPORE: Search and rescue efforts for the 10 missing US Navy crew members in the collision between US warship USS John S McCain and an oil tanker will continue through the night, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) said in a statement on Monday evening (Aug 21). 

Singapore authorities will spare no effort to try to find the missing crew members, MPA said, adding that about 250 people from various agencies have been deployed for the Singapore-led search and rescue operation."

When such accident happened, it usually shocked me hard n made me reexamine is it sensible to believe that just because we hv the most advance vessels n best trained sailors, such collision should never had happened?

This is the 2nd time a US Navel ship collided with commercial vessel in Asia. The last one happened in Japan!!

Hopefully the missing sailors will be found safe n sound as no one should lose their limbs n lives for such a "silly" collision. Most would say how can such big vessels not avoid each other at a clean sea!??

Puzzling indeed. Maybe they were meant to be?

ps: MPA committed to search for the missing sailors at all cost. Let's hope it is not a drain on our limited resources. 

Daily Lessons from Life 20 August 2017 - NDR Speech 2017...

It has happened. PM Lee stuck to the 3 longer term things he mentioned in the National Day greeting except with more details.

My takeaway:

1. Preschool

Not sure why this realisation as everyone kind of know it is important to develop good habits from young n the best "teachers" r good patents n granparents who know how to guide n develop the kids though there were many such role models!!

Anyway, we r going to "invest" big money to increase the no. of places, upgrade teaching prestige n pay as well as to centralise such training of preschools educators.

Hope there r plans for when t her no. of births lost traction n we hv a ramp down plan too given we may not gey young couples to produce more babies just because of this push!!

Our gov has a poor record of social engineering emotional matters.

2. Type 2 diabetes fight

What is the motivation? Burdens on the individual, their caregivers or strain on national budget due to healthcare cost of chronic diseases as a result of complication fr diabetes?

Again, each individual has to be responsible for his or her own health while the state can make it easier n incentivise the healthy living n eating behaviours, it cannot mandate it unless it passed a law to put unhealthy people in fitness camps!!

HPB has been spreading the individual responsibility message for a long time now n must continue forever.

It has also launched corporate n communities healthy lifestyle n healthier choice meals in schools, at work n even manufacturers of foods n drinks (with AVE, ENV, etc.) in concert.

Will PM's own exemplary healthy lifestyle be copied n faithfully practiced with unyielding discipline? To each his/her own.

I m sure it will increase the awareness n needs to exercise a bit more. How many copycats will be harder to determine.

3. SMART Nation

Indeed a few years ago Minister Kim already a suaku in Shanghai. I wonder what took us so l9ng to launch "Pay Now" just a month or two ago? Wasn't our small n tight government policy making power gives us speed to decide n execute?

Maybe too many interested parties were guarding their own turfs so jealously that 8t can't be done even with DBS, UOB n OCBC?

DBS has Paylah! n OCBC has, I think, Payanywhere or some similar app.

Maybe there were too much to lose if they rock the status quo?

Anyway, the points on getting smart big data on data, voice n video for security n helping the elderly etc. r great.

Just need to execute faster than China in the next 5 years?

More will be said abt these issues.

In the meantime, those that want answerson the immediate issues like: more frequent train breakdowns, rising cost of living, is the LEEs exempted fr being sued by the government despite maligning it (people hv lhy n Dr LWL in mind n not Lee Shengwu's case), etc.

Guessed these people will just hv to wait or generate their own answers for now!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 19 August 2017 - "Regardless of Religion" Revisit...

Had a discussion with my young adult kids abt this program n found that they hv very insightful questions on some of the methods presented:

1. especially the segment on: placing statements as "Unacceptable" or "Offensive" MIGHT hv painted an overly strong emotion or judgement between the non-Muslim n Muslim.

Could it be better, n less serious n shocking, if the other choice is: unacceptable or unreasonable instead of "Offensive"?

I think this point is a valid one.

Of course I also already mentioned that the production team can research into why the perceptions r so different.

2. the production team might hv a conclusion that there were divide between the Muslim n non-Muslim n hence looking for "confirmation" by asking the 3 Madrasah school kids abt how they feel abt the interaction with nin-Muslim?

Or should it be a more facilitated discussion among the many followers of different religions? of course this one will hv to be facilitated by a very high power n skilled person as emotive topic like religion can be explosive if manhandled!!

I will leave this topic now n hope that more can be done to truly promote mutual understanding between all religions.