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Monday, July 17, 2017

Daily Lessons from Life 16 July 2017 - Vanity of Youth?

"Illegal steroid sellers ply their trade in Singapore despite risk of being jailed

SINGAPORE: While selling anabolic steroids in Singapore without a licence is illegal, evidence obtained by Channel NewsAsia and testimony from fitness industry participants suggest that it is a well-established, lucrative business.

The ease of obtaining steroids on the black market has been cited by fitness experts as one reason why more young bodybuilders are using the performance-enhancing drugs.

James*, who has been in the local fitness scene for about 20 years, handed over an Excel spreadsheet from a steroid distributor, which detailed the wholesale prices of the various products on offer, as well as the amount the distributor charges sub-distributors, runners and consumers."

This "though it is illegal, yet it is easily obtained" phenomenon MUST BE STOPPED!

It greatly troubled me when I read things like: "known gangsters" in Hkg or the USA or anywhere else as it is WRONG for the law enforcement agencies to say such a thing.

If gangsters or "criminals" r known to the law enforcement agencies, they must be charged n put behind bars if their crimes warranted it.

Same with this illegal steroids trading to youngsters. Zero tolerant by some of the gym operators must be for everyone in the industry. Raid them daily until they know for sure that they will be in troubles if they ever tried their luck. 

On the demands side, the youngsters must be hauled to court for buying illegally sold steroids. At the same time, educate them abt the harmful long-term effects of steroids abuse as muchas one can.

Ultimately the kids hv to decide n take responsibility for their actions. There r consequences if u buy illegal n abuse steroids. The short term is: charged n may put to jail besides fine. Longer term is: irreversible bodily harm. No?

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